CP-FS Review Test

A fish toxin originating from histamine-producing bacteria is ______.

A foodborne illness is classified as intoxication when______.

What is the name for the group of bacteria that grow in the absence of free oxygen?

A toxin found in seafood that originated from toxic algae and is not destroyed by cooking is ______

Which curvy, microaerophlic, Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria are known to cause watery diarrhea, which may be bloody — fever, and is most commonly associated with raw chicken?

Which parasite associated with raw or undercooked seafood can cause symptoms of coughing and/or vomiting within 1 hour to 2 weeks?

Which spore-forming, anaerobic bacteria most often cause a bacterial toxin-mediated infection, produce an enterotoxin, and do NOT usually result in death?

In terms of food safety; what does TCS stand for?

Which of these pathogens is typically passed by food handlers’ ineffective hand washing, which allows their feces contaminate the food and passes on a bacteria that can cause dysentery?

Which of the following is NOT true about viruses?

Which of the following is NOT considered one of the major food allergens of concern?

Which of the following is the proper way to cool TCS foods as described by the FDA Food Code?

Smoking by food handlers is prohibited in food storage and preparation areas because smoking can contamina: food primarily by

Which of the following would probably not be considered a TCS food?

Which of the following is not a suggested cooling method for a TCS food?

A point or procedure in a specific food system where loss of control may result in an unacceptable health risk is called:

A PLC can demonstrate knowledge of foodborne disease prevention by:

Which of the following is true about adult learners vs. children?

What are factors that affect adult learning?

What information must the PlC demonstrate knowledge of during an inspection?

Which of the following are legal methods for condemning food?

Regulations can broaden the scope of law.

What condition will allow a regulatory authority to access an establishment?

What is the ultimate goal of health inspections?

Cleaning and sanitizing of utensils, equipment, and food-contact surfaces should be done

An imminent health hazard resulting in the immediate closure of an establishment could include

Which of the following is true about facilities that serve highly susceptible populations vs facilities that serve the general population?

Manual warewashing hot water sanitizing temperature must meet which of the following temperature requirements?

What are three acceptable sanitizers?

According to the Food Code, which of the following is not part of managing wastewater in a foodservice establishment?

In regards to sanitization, the minimum concentration of a chlorine sanitizing solution based on a pH of 8 or less and a temperature of 75°F (24°C) or more is

Shellstock tags should be maintained on file for a minimum of

According to the FDA Food Code, which of the following would be an appropriate use for an infrared thermometer?

If hot water is used for sanitation in manual warewashing operations, the sanitizing compartment of the sink should be

Defining an outbreak could involve which of the following:

What factor is not included in the development of the initial hypothesis in a foodborne illness outbreak investigation?

What hazard is the most significant when investigating a viral infection caused foodborne illness outbreak?

When there has been no implicated food in a foodborne illness outbreak investigation, which of the listed steps to be followed during the investigation?

Which statement is NOT true?

Identify examples of a critical limit in a HACCP plan:

In a same-day service operation, which common critical control points (CCP) are found in a HACCP plan?

An operator can simplify a HACCP plan by grouping in the following way:

What microorganisms are the standards for pathogen destruction when using reduced-oxygen packaging?

When is a HACCP plan required?

Backflow/back-siphonage prevention devices or methods are required for which of the following?

Non-public drinking water sources are required to

Cooking hoods must have adequate flow of air to ensure that which of the following conditions are met?

Hand wash sinks are required to be used for which of the following purposes?

Select the answer that does not qualify as a characteristic and concentration of a quaternary ammonium sanitizing solution, according to the Food Code?

Identify which of the following lighting requirements is accurate.

The difference between clean-in-place (CIP) and in-place cleaned equipment is best characterized by which of the following?

What number and type of toilet rooms are required in a food establishment?

What types of chemicals are required to be segregated from foods and food related items?

What types of establishments are subject to plan review?

In order to operate a foodservice establishment, applicants should submit an application at least 30 calendar days before the opening date of the food establishment. The application should include accurate information about all of the following except: